Wareham Welcomes Back Six Familiar Faces

By: Katie Wiklund - CCBL Senior Intern
06/27/2011 12:08 PM -

WAREHAM, Mass. - Every June, the fans of the Cape League gather at the field excited to see the boys of summer take the field, and wonder what the new faces will bring to the teams. This year, Wareham decided to bring back many faces fans will recognize from last year’s squad.

            Six players from the 2010 Wareham Gatemen team return to Spillane Field for the2011 season, bringing veteran experience to a franchise seeking their first trophy in nine years. Pitchers Joseph Flynn (Franklin Pierce) and Josh Urban (Texas), infielders Lee Mazzilli Jr. (UCONN), Derek Dennis (Michigan) and Max Muncy (Baylor University) and outfielder John Andreoli (UCONN) will suit up for their second summer of playing with the Gatemen.

            Gatemen president and general manager Tom Gay had nothing but kind words and a positive outlook on the season with Flynn, Urban, Mazzilli, Dennis, Muncy and Andreoli on his team.

            Gay said that in terms of having players return for a second season with the Cape League, “its not rare--two years ago we had 11 come back so that was probably the most…we had a lot of young freshman last year so that’s basically why they’ve returned.”

            Only twelve games into the season Gay has seenMuncyas a key part of the team on and off the field. “He has taken on a leadership role quite a bit,” Gay said.

            Muncy, a Gatemen infielder, hails from Keller, Texas and is a member of the class of 2013 at Baylor University. “He’s answering questions the kids have about different things, I’ve seen him out in the outfield during warm-ups and stuff telling the other guys what to do, and just kind of cheering them on and talking to them.”

            Already early in the season Muncy has racked up seven hits, including two doubles, and five RBI.

            Muncy’s teammate Lee Mazzilli is also a standout among the returning 2010 players,even being recruited to play for Team USA.Gay noted, “LJ Mazzilli has definitely improved.” Aware that it’s still early in the season Gay also shares, “I would say from looking at them they’ve got stronger” speaking of all six return players.

            Mazzilli, a versatile player can be found either playing shortstop or third base. Calling Greenwich, Connecticut his hometown, Mazzilli received the “2nd Team All-Big East”award at UConn this past spring.

            Pitchers Joseph Flynn and Josh Urban, infielders Josh Urban and Derek Dennis and outfielder John Andreoli join Mazzilli, Muncy and the rest of the 2011 Wareham Gatemen team as they take on the summer season ahead of them.

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